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Admission Policy

Every person who enters Star Skate agrees to the following terms. Every person under the age of 18 will pay admission to enter the building. Every person, regardless of age, will pay to skate. Admission can be paid at the door or online. Online payment will be verified at the entrance door, before admission is granted.  

Memberships are a re-occurring monthly charges based on a pricing plan. Members must obtain their online ticket for each session to gain admission. You are welcome to cancel at anytime and pay the admission rate at the entrance. You will not be refunded for previous months of membership.

Enter at your own risk Policy
Any person who plans to enter the Star Skate building acknowledges they have read and agree to the following statement and take responsibility for conveying this information to any additional persons they are bringing to Star Skate. I am aware that Star Skate is a highly active environment for both skaters and spectators. I am aware that entering a highly active environment and the act of roller skating involves inherent risks, dangers and hazards which can result in the serious personal injury or death. I hereby freely assume and accept any and all known and unknown risks of injury at this establishment and release owners and employees of Star Skate from any liability whatsoever for bodily injury or property damage resulting from any negligent acts and omissions in the design, operations, supervision and maintenance of the facility or equipment within Star Skate.

Behavior Policy
Every person who enters the Star Skate building is expected to behave, speak, and dress in a family friendly manner that is appropriate for all ages. Every person who enters Star Skate is expected to  follow rules and instructions given by the Star Skate Staff. Star Skate staff will enforce adherence to rules and guidelines, not limited to posted or listed rules. Any person who is unable or unwilling to follow rules and guidelines or who is unable or unwilling to act respectfully towards staff or other persons in Star Skate will be asked to leave the building. Minors will be required to call their ride. Star Skate staff will call law enforcement for any persons refusing to leave or minors who can not contact a responsible adult. 
All dropped off Minors are required to have contact information for a responsible adult, in case of any emergency.

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